Delivering 24/7 carbon-free energy through development of next-generation geothermal projects.

Our mission is to leverage innovation in geoscience to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing cost-effective, reliable geothermal energy.

About Us

As a 24/7 carbon-free energy resource, geothermal power is an important tool for solving climate change. We have developed a suite of technology solutions to unlock the full potential of geothermal. 

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Our Technology

We apply proven technologies – such as horizontal drilling and distributed fiber optic sensing – to geothermal reservoir development, unlocking geothermal power in previously uneconomic locations and dramatically increasing the resource potential for geothermal globally.

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Our Team

The Fervo Energy team is made from the best of renewable energy development and oil and gas technology professionals who are working to use innovation in geoscience to accelerate the clean energy transition. Get to know us as we define the next generation of geothermal development.

Join Us

Join our team as we open a new class of geothermal resource to decarbonize the most challenging parts of the electricity sector.