Our mission is to leverage innovation in geoscience to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing cost-effective, reliable geothermal energy.

About Us

We have pioneered and proven a new approach to next-generation geothermal, a 24/7 carbon-free energy resource crucial to solving climate change.

Our Technology

With proven oil and gas technologies like horizontal drilling and distributed fiber optic sensing, we unlock geothermal energy in previously uneconomic locations, dramatically increasing geothermal’s resource potential.

Our Team

Get to know us as we define the next generation of geothermal development. Our team includes experienced renewable energy developers and oil and gas professionals working together to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Understanding Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Let’s break down the most common misconceptions associated with the geothermal industry


With innovation in place, strong commercial demand, policy support mounting, and strong cost-reduction forecasts, there’s nothing stopping the new era of geothermal energy.


Thanks to advancements from Fervo, geothermal is no longer a niche, geographically limited energy source. When temperature is the sole constraint, geothermal becomes a much more scalable resource.


Geothermal is already cheaper than similar forms of 24/7 firm power. With further technological innovations and public sector support, costs will continue to decline over this decade.


We prioritize environmental health and safety above all else. We ensure that our operations safeguard the local environment, limiting steam, hazardous chemicals, and seismic activity.

Join Us

Join our team as we open a new class of geothermal resource to decarbonize the most challenging parts of the electricity sector.