What We Do

Demand for 24/7 carbon-free energy is soaring as its role in addressing climate change becomes more widely recognized.

Power buyers are seeking to bolster reliability, reduce costs, and meet clean energy mandates, corporations are voluntarily establishing 24/7 carbon-free electricity targets, and the federal government is mandating that federal facilities be powered by carbon free power by 2030.

Geothermal is the ideal energy source to meet that demand as well as complement variable generation sources such as solar and wind.

Geothermal is a well-established renewable energy technology that uses hot water to produce electricity.

Cold water is pumped underground, heated up by the Earth’s temperature, and brought back to the surface. Modern Organic Rankine Cycle generating technology converts the geothermal energy into electricity in a highly efficient process that emits no carbon or other harmful pollutants. Using this technology, 100% of the water is reinjected back into the ground.

Fervo is leading a wave of ingenuity and technological innovation that is expanding geothermal’s potential, vastly increasing geothermal energy production capabilities, and broadening project viability to previously inaccessible areas of the country.

How We Collaborate

As a developer, owner, and operator of next-generation geothermal assets, we are uniquely positioned to have a lasting positive impact on the communities that host our projects. We hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholder groups, taking a transparent and collaborative approach to engagement to ensure our mission aligns with what our stakeholders value. Fervo understands that each local environment is unique, and we strive to have early and productive engagement with project stakeholders and communities to build lasting relationships as we work towards a decarbonized grid.