Alexandra Bailey Smith

Alexandra Bailey Smith

Strategic Lead

Motivated by a strong belief in Fervo’s mission to accelerate the energy transition, Alexandra is building a team focused on growth, decarbonization, and innovation as Strategic Lead. Together, they support Fervo’s growth initiatives by advancing diversification opportunities and exploring emerging industries that could benefit from utilizing geothermal as a firm, clean energy source.

What made you want to join the Fervo team?

I learned about Fervo in 2021 when I was pursuing my MBA at Harvard Business School after having spent close to a decade working in oil and gas. A friend introduced me to Sarah Jewett, our VP of Strategy, and she shared her experience transitioning from a large corporation to a mission-driven startup. I strongly believe in Fervo’s mission to accelerate the energy transition with 24/7 clean firm geothermal energy, so I eagerly applied when the Strategic Lead role opened up. I ultimately joined Fervo, though, because of the culture. We have such an inclusive, hard-working, smart, compassionate group of people here, a combination that I think is rare, and one that I was (and still am) so excited to be a part of.

How has your career experience prepared you for your role at Fervo?

I have a decade in the energy industry where I have led large cross-functional projects requiring a variety of technical and professional skills that have come in handy at Fervo. I also believe that coming from an established energy company has given me insight into how structure and incentives can be used to promote or discourage innovation and growth.

How does your current position differ from other roles you’ve held previously?

I’m more motivated by my work now than I’ve ever been before – focused on growth, decarbonization, and innovation. I also now have the opportunity to help shape a company – the decisions that I make have tangible impacts on the trajectory of Fervo and our decarbonization efforts – that is new, and I love it.

Favorite part of the job?

I really enjoy painting on a blank canvas, starting out by thinking big and then breaking things down into tactical milestones, while working with some of the smartest and simultaneously most humble people I have ever met. There is a culture of trust where we encourage each other to feel empowered to make decisions, and I thrive in this type of environment.

Top three words to describe your time at Fervo:

Collaborative, impactful, limitless.

In your time at Fervo, what has been your favorite project thus far?

I spent my first 6 months at Fervo building out our strategy for Geothermal + Direct Air Capture. It has been one of the most fun projects of my career, with a steep learning curve, tangible impact, and a chance for me to meet passionate, hard-working people across the industry.

What’s something about geothermal that you wished people knew more about?

I wish more people understood the potential for geothermal – like wind and solar, it can decarbonize the grid. But unlike these well-known renewables, geothermal is a 24/7 source of energy that can provide direct heat  and operate in expanded geographies, making it a key to unlocking a number of emerging technologies including direct air capture or hydrogen. Given this potential, I think it is a miss that geothermal is often left out of many mainstream conversations.

Any advice for those interested in working in geothermal or the clean energy space?

Start talking to people in the industry and get to know the many different players, including private companies, public agencies, philanthropies, universities, and national labs. Find a place where you can contribute and dive in!

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