Kareem El-Sadi

Kareem El-Sadi

Drilling Engineering Lead

As the Drilling Engineering Lead, Kareem ensures the safe and efficient design and execution of geothermal wells at Fervo. Kareem leverages a deep technical foundation and a broad perspective on all aspects of well construction to guide state of the art drilling technology. 

How did you first learn about Fervo Energy? What made you want to join the team? What drew you to geothermal? 

I first learned about Fervo in 2019 through early press on LinkedIn. The opportunity to apply my experience from the oil and gas industry to help usher in a technological revolution and supply clean, reliable power was a significant draw. The appeal of being at the forefront of the ever-evolving energy sector motivated me to join Fervo, and I haven’t looked back. 

How does your position at Fervo differ from other roles you’ve held previously? 

There is a cultural drive to continually enhance performance through the trial and implementation of new technologies. Rather than emphasizing rigid standardization, we maintain an agile mindset, continuously experimenting and optimizing our processes. This allows us to rapidly advance EGS drilling capabilities while ensuring consistent and ever-improving levels of drilling efficiency, well productivity, and overall operational excellence.   

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? 

By far, the most enjoyable aspect of my role is working with great people. Our team members are not only brilliant professionals who excel in their roles, but also incredible individuals. United by a common mission and driven by lofty goals, we collaborate with an open-mindedness and freedom of thought rarely seen in a legacy industry like drilling. Everyone contributes significantly to cultivating a culture that fosters a high-performance environment, decorated with joy, laughter, and light-heartedness. We have a determined vigor to deliver on our promises, but we absolutely have a ton of fun while doing it. 

How would you describe your time at Fervo in three words? 

Fun.  Exhilarating.   Inspiring.   

In your time at Fervo, what has been your favorite project thus far? 

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to openly share our drilling results with the wider external community, which was a very fulfilling experience. Seeing the audience’s understanding come to life when Fervo’s drilling performance was shared felt rewarding, considering the historical narrative around what could and couldn’t be achieved in geothermal. I’m incredibly proud of all that our team has accomplished, and being able to share it with the world and redefine technical limits serves to validate the incredible performance and contributions everyone has made to making it a reality. 

What have you learned about yourself or the clean energy industry during your time at Fervo? 

The clean energy industry is tremendously dynamic, rich with opportunity and innovation. There is no box within which to think. Ideas are exploratory, groundbreaking, and revolutionary. Being in an exciting and evolving space, I find myself defaulting to thinking of all the ways something unprecedented can be done, as opposed to why it may not work. Shifting towards new technologies and approaches has given me a sense that our potential for achievement is truly limitless, and that together, we will accomplish great things. 

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