Sireesh Dadi

Sireesh Dadi

Senior Geophysicist

Sireesh Dadi is working to mitigate risk for next-generation geothermal systems as a Senior Geophysicist, closely monitoring and acquiring seismicity data across all Fervo operations. With prior experience in the petroleum industry, Sireesh now utilizes his unique expertise to spearhead geothermal energy development.

How did you first learn about Fervo Energy and what made you want to join the team?

My introduction to Fervo Energy came through a Fervo colleague whom I met during a fellowship at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. The prospect of applying my skills to contribute to a sustainable future motivated me to join Fervo, where I’ve found an exciting avenue for meaningful impact.

How has your career experience prepared you for your role at Fervo?

After receiving a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Texas A&M University, I spent six years working as a geophysicist at a major oil and gas company. Throughout my tenure there, I actively contributed to various low-carbon initiatives. My commitment to advancing sustainable energy practices deepened during my fellowship with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. These experiences collectively serve as a robust foundation, uniquely equipping me for my role at Fervo.

How does your position at Fervo differ from other roles you’ve held previously?

At Fervo, I engage with various disciplines, particularly in subsurface and strategy. The dynamic nature of a startup allows me to function both as an individual contributor and as a project manager overseeing multiple vendors. This unique blend of responsibilities enhances the breadth and depth of my professional experience.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
The most gratifying aspect of my role lies in its positive impact on climate, contributing to a sustainable future. Collaborating within the dynamic Fervo team adds another layer of fulfillment, as we collectively work towards bringing meaningful change. The synergy of impactful work and collaborative team dynamics makes every day at Fervo truly enjoyable and rewarding.

How would you describe your time at Fervo in three words?

Challenging, Innovative, Dynamic.

What’s something about geothermal that you wished people knew more about?
I wish people were more aware that the technological readiness level of Fervo’s approach to producing geothermal energy is considerably higher than commonly perceived. There’s a tremendous potential for advancement and innovation in making this technology more widely accessible.

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