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Press Release

Fervo Energy Raises $244 Million to Accelerate Deployment of Next-Generation Geothermal

Fervo Energy, the leader in next-generation geothermal development, today announced that it has raised $244 million in new funding led by Devon Energy, a pioneer in shale oil and gas.

U.S. Department of Energy

Biden- Harris Administration Invests $60 Million to Expand Clean, Renewable Geothermal Energy

(U.S. Department of Energy) President Biden’s Investing in America agenda will fund three projects to scale enhanced geothermal systems, which have potential to deliver renewable geothermal energy to power the equivalent of 65 million U.S. homes.

Press Release

Fervo Energy Drilling Results Show Rapid Advancement of Geothermal Performance

Drilling operations at Fervo’s Cape Station show 70% year-over-year reduction in drilling times and pave the way for rapid geothermal deployment

What's Your Problem?

Using Oil-Industry Tech to Create Clean Energy

(What’s Your Problem?) Tim Latimer is the CEO and co-founder of Fervo Energy, a company that is using a new approach to produce carbon-free geothermal energy.

MIT Technology Review

Enhanced geothermal systems: 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2024

(MIT Technology Review) Advanced drilling technology could unlock the potential of this carbon-free renewable energy source.

The Atlantic

The Nine Breakthroughs of the Year

(The Atlantic) The theme of my second-annual Breakthroughs of the Year is the long road of progress.

Fast Company

10 climate tech innovations that give us hope for 2024

(Fast Company) From ships powered by food waste to jet fuel made from CO2, here’s the climate tech we’re most excited about.

E&E News by Politico

Google taps hot rocks to cool climate

(E&E News by Politico) Corporate America has learned to love renewables. Now, it is beginning to dabble in next-generation climate solutions.

PBS NewsHour

Texas goes green: How oil country became the renewable energy leader

(PBS NewsHour) One of the big announcements at the UN climate conference this weekend in Dubai was a pledge by more than 110 countries to triple the amount of renewable energy they are generating by 2030. That work is already underway in a rather unlikely place.


A New Type of Geothermal Power Plant Just Made the Internet a Little Greener

(Wired) A new approach to geothermal energy makes it possible to tap the energy of hot rocks just about anywhere. A pilot plant in Nevada is now helping to power Google data centers.

The Associated Press

New Google geothermal electricity project could be a milestone for clean energy

(The Associated Press) An advanced geothermal project has begun pumping carbon-free electricity onto the Nevada grid to power Google data centers there, Google announced Tuesday.


A first-of-its-kind geothermal project is now operational

(Google) We partnered with a clean-energy startup to develop a geothermal power project in Nevada that is now contributing carbon-free energy to the electric grid.