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(Wired) A new approach to geothermal energy makes it possible to tap the energy of hot rocks just about anywhere. A pilot plant in Nevada is now helping to power…

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The Associated Press

New Google geothermal electricity project could be a milestone for clean energy

(The Associated Press) An advanced geothermal project has begun pumping carbon-free electricity onto the Nevada grid to power Google data centers there, Google announced Tuesday.


A first-of-its-kind geothermal project is now operational

(Google) We partnered with a clean-energy startup to develop a geothermal power project in Nevada that is now contributing carbon-free energy to the electric grid.

Columbia Energy Exchange

Harnessing the Heat Beneath Our Feet

(Columbia Energy Exchange) The practice of capturing steam bursting through the earth’s surface to generate electricity has been around for more than a century. This is the traditional concept of geothermal energy.

The Salt Lake Tribune

This Utah county ‘hit the panic button’ when a big employer left. Here’s what happened next.

(The Salt Lake Tribune) Officials in the rural Utah area are hopeful they can diversity the historically ‘boom and bust’ economy

Houston Business Journal

The Big Transition

(Houston Business Journal) How workforce needs are shifting as the world embraces clean energy.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Collaboration and innovation power geothermal energy project on public lands

(U.S. Bureau of Land Management) On September 25, leaders from several industries and agencies including federal, state and local government came together to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Cape Modern Geothermal Exploration Project in Beaver County, Utah

MIT Technology Review

15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch

(MIT Technology Review) From nuclear fusion to cow-free burgers, these businesses have the best shot at making a difference on climate change.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Steve Handy: Utah is ramping up geothermal, using oil and gas tech

(The Salt Lake Tribune) The energy technologies of the future are closer than you think, because in some cases, they are closely connected to the energy technologies of today.

Canary Media

Fervo Energy breaks ground on next-generation geothermal plant

(Canary Media) The startup’s planned 400-megawatt facility in Beaver County, Utah will use ​“enhanced geothermal” technology to harness hard-to-reach heat sources.

Press Release

Fervo Energy Breaks Ground on the World’s Largest Next-gen Geothermal Project

400 MW Cape Station project in southwest Utah signals a new era for enhanced geothermal energy

The New York Times

Drill, Baby, Drill: The Promise of Geothermal Power

(The New York Times) Techniques developed by Big Oil may lead to the next clean energy breakthrough.

The New York Times

There’s a Vast Source of Clean Energy Beneath Our Feet. And a Race to Tap It.

(The New York Times) The United States has enough geothermal energy to power the entire country. Some are trying to unlock it by using techniques from the fracking boom.