We are a world-leading multidisciplinary team of experts in geothermal energy, renewable power development, and oil and gas technology.

We are reservoir engineers, geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and renewable power developers who are passionate about building energy systems designed to address climate change. We have decades of experience implementing more than a gigawatt of power across the western US, managing projects at the center of the shale revolution, and developing cutting-edge data analytics and intellectual property solutions.

We believe that innovation is driven both from within as well as by working closely with partners and industry experts. We have brought together a world-class Advisory Board with expertise in geothermal, oil and gas, and renewable power development. In addition, we work closely with leading academic groups, state and federal research institutions, and corporate R&D centers as we develop our next-generation geothermal technology.

A Breadth of Talent

We take pride in the variety of experience and expertise our team members bring to the table. Hear from a few of them on all things Fervo and geothermal in their own words.


Board & Advisors

Board of Directors

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