A Traditional Resource Poised for Resurgence

Our breakthrough technology leverages over a decade of innovation in drilling and production from modern oil and gas development, leading to major improvements in system performance and well design.

We employ precision directional drilling technology to drill horizontally in geothermal reservoirs. This enables us to drill multiple wells from a single location, dramatically lowering our surface footprint and reducing drilling risks. Horizontal drilling also facilitates greater access to geologies that were previously challenging to reach, increasing the total resource potential for geothermal energy.

By installing fiber optic cables downhole in our geothermal wells, we gather and analyze real-time data on flow, temperature, and performance of the resource, providing unique insights into subsurface behavior at a resolution never before possible. We have developed advanced data analytics algorithms that enable us to identify precisely where the best resources exist and optimize flow distribution through the reservoir to maximize heat mining efficiency.

Taken together, Fervo’s innovative approach to geothermal well design, reservoir engineering management, and advanced data analytics allows us to access a massive resource base that other operators are unable to exploit.

Fervo Energy Technology Day 

At Fervo, we believe in innovation through collaboration. In that spirit, we held our inaugural Fervo Energy Technology Day in July 2023 to present findings from our successful commercial pilot project, Project Red. Joined by investors, suppliers and government officials, we discussed the impact of the breakthrough results on the commercial deployment of geothermal energy.

The Benefits of Geothermal


Geothermal energy is a carbon-free resource with the lowest land use requirements of any renewable energy source. Modern geothermal uses an efficient “binary cycle” process to convert heat to electricity, emits no carbon or other pollutants and has extremely low water use requirements.


Geothermal energy is produced constantly within the Earth and is not dependent on seasonal variability like other forms of renewable energy. As an always-on resource, geothermal power can be used reliably around the clock or to complement the fluctuations of other renewable energy resources.


A 2016 National Renewable Energy Laboratory study found that there is enough geothermal energy within a subsurface depth of 5 km – commercially accessible today – to fully satisfy U.S. electrical demands. The report also found that within a subsurface depth of 7 km, there is an electricity generating potential that can meet U.S. electrical demands five times over.


In addition to complementing the buildout of wind and solar, geothermal effectively enables Direct Air Capture, green hydrogen production, and lithium extraction, each of which are needed to reach deep decarbonization. Geothermal power’s consistent output capability enables a more sustainable supply of green hydrogen and lithium by serving as the carbon-free power source for their production and extraction.


The markets have already begun to recognize the value that geothermal energy can provide. As we reach deeper levels of decarbonization, including a massive buildout of wind and solar, the value of reliable, 24/7 clean power will continue to increase significantly. In addition, an increase in drilling productivity and technological advancements will lower geothermal drilling costs though well-established learning curve cost reductions.


Fervo’s approach to reservoir development relies on applying proven technologies from other industries in ways that haven’t been done before in geothermal. All the drilling technology used to develop our projects already exists, and therefore we have a unique opportunity to begin scaling rapidly today, tapping into the skilled workforce of the oil industry for a new clean energy resource.

Advancing the Industry through Published Research

Fervo Energy is committed to advancing the next-generation geothermal industry and accelerating the growth of 24/7 clean power. By authoring and contributing to peer-reviewed research papers, we aim to accelerate geosciences innovation.